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Tiffany Portillo

Mark has always super helpful in answering my questions and getting my return done as quickly as possible. He's knowledgeable, easy to reach and I know he's going to do everything he can to get me as much as possible on my return.

Chris Koenig

I've known Mark for a long time, and have been using his services for at least the past 15 years, the last 10 of which I've lived in a different part of the state! He's very professional, very thorough, and very knowledgeable. I don't know how many referrals I've sent out that have actually contacted him, but I alway suggest Mark when people ask me about filing my taxes. Great guy, does great work - will use him until he retires!

Anthony Lupo

Mark Wood has provided excellent tax advice and counsel to my wife and I for over 10 years. We trust his opinion.
Having grown up with an accountant father, I truly appreciate the attention he provides when he does our taxes, as well as, the hours he spends during tax season taking care of all his clients.
Couldn't ask for a better person
He is not only our accountant but our friend.

Rachelle Vetter

Mark Wood has been top notch. He’s been doing my personal and corporate taxes for several years, and he’s very efficient and affordable. So, if you’re looking for a good CPA, Mark Wood would be a proven choice, and thus, I’d recommend him.

Ron Racinowski

Mark has guided me through what I consider complicated tax returns over the last 8 years. His professionalism and ability to explain tax issues and future tax planning has been exceptional.

Jeanie Emilienburg

I've known Mark for over 15 years. He used to go to my mother's house to get the information to prepare her tax return. My mother was disabled and had a hard time getting around. That was impressive to me. Mark has prepared my personal and business tax returns for several years. He is meticulous and conservative. He is very responsive to any questions I have whether it's tax time or any other time. I don't know much about completing taxes and Mark is always very patient when I don't understand something. His fees aren't inexpensive but I feel that it's worth it considering I know my taxes will be done correctly and I won't have to worry about an IRS audit. I will continue to use Mark. I feel he is an honest and hard-working individual.

Ryanne Dolan

Made this year's tax season a pleasure. Helped me navigate a relatively complicated return. Mark always gave me the sense that my personal return was a top priority for him. Every time I've spoken with him, I've been impressed with how he seems to know everything about my finances off the top of his head. Clearly cares about his clients.

Gary Matcek

Mark has been assisting me with my tax returns for almost 10 years. A trusted professional who answers the call.

Trevor Townsend

The accounting that Mark Wood CPA provides is top notch! He has taken the time to go through past taxes and find me errors and submit them to benefit me as a client about his. Yes Mark is very busy man if I have a question usually leave him a message and he gets back to me. I have found the services that Mark provides is not only top-notch but it’s very thorough with no issues when he’s done with it. His tax service as his own business I feel he provides a great service to folks and I would love to still continue to be his client.

Jennifer Jacob

We have worked together for over 20 years and I have trusted and relied upon Mark and his staff for all of my tax filing and issues. I will continue to work with him until he retires.

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